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When purchasing a mount please  send me an email and let me know if you wish to make your purchase with PayPal or a US Postal money order, I'll email you a PayPal invoice or my mailing address depending on your choice.
Ordering Email:   info @ jmeckscopemounts.com 

Current stock *****       see-thru aluminum $88.95 shipped    IN Stock
                                   low-pro aluminum   $74.95 shipped     IN Stock
                   side mount adapter, must have mount  $19.95  IN Stock                                      

                                     low-pro steel           $80.95 shipped  sold out
                                   PPS43  pistol mount. $48.95  shipped  IN Stock
                                    see-thru steel          $92.95 shipped   sold out

Please send an email to be placed on the mount notification list and you will be emailed when the next run of scope mounts is machined and ready to ship.

 ( Due to the very limited interest in steel see-thru mounts there will no longer be a list for them, they will be machined every 8-10 months and posted on here when available.  All shipped prices are based on shipping in the CONUS. For quotes on shipping to Canada and Europe please send me an email.

Additional ordering info , Very important, please read.
1. When purchasing your mount using PayPal: I will only ship the mount to the current address of the account holder. In other words, if it is a friend or relative's account the mount is going to be shipped to them, please DO NOT ask me to ship to a different address. If you have moved, please update your account with your current address BEFORE purchasing a mount. It is best to use the email address your PayPal account is under for all correspondence as the email address you contact me by is the email address I'll be sending your PayPal money request to.
If you make a PayPal purchase and do not have a PayPal account please make sure to check the shipping address you enter is correct. ***Paying PayPal invoices with "E checks" will delay shipping until the check clears***
2. For USPS money order purchases:  Payment is due in 7 days from the day I notify you and you commit to a purchase. Please send me an email when you have mailed your money order and I'll email you when I receive it.

All purchases will be shipped by USPS  mail. All purchases will be shipped in 1-3 days of payment unless otherwise stated. Insurance is optional and at your discretion.
If you would like your package insured please let me know prior to making your purchase payment as there is an  additional cost. I do not ship any packages over night  due to the shipping time cut-offs that I am unable to meet.

Consult with a professional gunsmith prior to making any
changes to your firearm.
By purchasing one of my products you accept all responsibilities for : The products use, property damage, injury, or death. You accept all responsibilities for installation and damage to the firearm. I makes no claims to make you or your firearm more accurate at marksmanship. My products are intended for recreational use only, not for competition, law enforcement, or military use.
By purchasing one of my products you are indicating that you have read and agree to all of the above.

Return Policy:

All Jmeck scope mounts come with a 30 day return, please contact before returning.


Scope Mount Facts

Additional Information

The Low-profile scope mount was designed to keep your scope as low as possible on the rifle
for the best cheek support available. With that in mind it is best to use a smaller lens diameter
scope with a lens diameter of 30mm-36mm or a straight tube scope like the "Weaver K2.5, K3, or V1.5-4.5 . However, you can use a  modern large lens diameter scope  like a Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x50mm. You will need to use tall scope rings to keep the scope up off the top of the rifle and need to keep in mind that your cheek support will be less. This does not seem to be an issue with most as many of my customers use larger scopes.

The See-through scope mount Is my original scope mount and offers the use of your Iron sights as well as a scope. The base of the mount has a tunnel milled in it to view the Iron sights. This is very helpful in low light conditions, hunting in thick woods, and as a back-up in a scope failure situation.  Since the See-through scope mount is higher than the low-profile mount it can fit most 3-9x40 scopes in low height scope rings with no clearance issues.
Another feature of the See-through scope mount is that the weaver rail can be mounted towards the muzzle and a small pistol scope (7 inches long or less) can be used with the factory straight bolt handle. When used with a pistol scope you will not be able to use stripper clips for loading and your fingers will be very close to the rear lens when cycling the bolt.

Note: For using the see-through mount as a scout mount
For the best results I recommend using the aluminum see-through mount for scout scope applications. It has many more ring slots on the weaver rail and can be used with a scope longer than 7 inches. If you move the rings as far towards the muzzle and don't mind the rear lens of the scope hanging over the mag opening some. You will NOT be able to use stripper clips for loading ammo, but at the same time it is still easy to load and has better access than a standard scope set-up. When using the aluminum mount this way you can gain 2 to 3 inches in scope length depending on the scope. Keep in mind your fingers will be very close to the rear lens of the scope when working the bolt handle. Since there are so many models of scout and pistol scopes I cannot advise you as to which ones will work and how much clearance you will have. On the steel see-through mount 7 inches is the max. scope length and you WILL have the rear lens of the scope hanging over the mag well opening, so stripper clips will not be able to be used.

** On aluminum scope mount rails:

**( Not  full picatinny milspec spacing due to rail screw size and placement. the aluminum mounts will not work with Russian scopes with built in weaver type bases, Aimpoints, or Eotech scopes. )

Common features  Both scope mounts mount in the same place using the proven band mounting system. Installation can be done with common hand tools in an hour or so.

All Jmeck  Mosin Nagant scope mounts fit every model of Mosin Nagant rifle, both Hex and round receiver,  from all the countries that manufactured them.

Jmeck Mosin Nagant scope mounts can be used with ATI , Boyds, and all other after market stocks that can be inletted for band clearance.
All Jmeck scope mounts  will fit the new Promag Archangel stock.

For Bolt handles please contact:

http://www.maxshepherdboltproducts.com/ or